Wizards fans had the best reactions to John Wall’s game-winner against the Celtics

John Wall’s game-winning basket was something the city of Washington D.C. desperately needed. The Wizards lost Game 5, and the Capitals lost their Game 7 against the Penguins on Wednesday.

Look at the fierce look on Wall’s face, as he put the final dagger into the hearts of the Celtics. That’s a baaaad man.

That bad man gave the people of Washington D.C. something they’ll be celebrating all weekend before Monday’s Game 7.


This elderly gentleman had seen it all. Until Wall’s shot swished through the basket with authority.

This is the look of a man who has been a Wizards fan for years, and hasn’t had much to celebrate. The young kid, on the other hand, probably doesn’t really understand what he just saw. He definitely enjoyed it though.

Unlike his friend above, this guy went with the pointed index fingers in celebration. A very good strategy, also symbolic of the one game left in the series.


This guy is calm, cool, and collected. He know Wall had that handled.

Congrats, Wizards fans. Enjoy it while you can.

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