The Nintendo 3DS has enjoyed a long lifespan and it’s still very much relevant in gaming today. It has a vast library of amazing games at this point and the system itself has had a few iterations. So, if someone on your shopping list has yet to dip into the 2DS/3DS ecosystem, it’d be a good time to gift them a great handheld. Even if they already own one, we have a few pointers for accessories to pair with this Nintendo system. Check out what we rounded up!

New 2DS XL Poke Ball Edition

The Nintendo New 2DS XL launched earlier this year as another revision to the long-lasting handheld system, a non-3D version with the clamshell chassis design. It’s still a great system, and if someone you know still hasn’t dug into the 3DS’s vast library or has one of the older DS models, now would be a good time to get them a New 2DS XL. And if they are a fan of Pokemon, why not spice things up with the Poke Ball Edition? It sports a red, black, and white color scheme and a little button (non-functional) at the center of the Poke Ball design!

Retail price: $160

SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC Card

New 2DS and 3DS systems come with a 4 GB microSD card, but that’s nearly enough to store many of the bigger downloadable games. A 32 GB SanDisk Ultra microSDHC card will do the trick and they’re a great value for the amount of storage you get. For reference, Super Smash Bros. For 3DS has a download size of 2.1 GB and and Pokemon Sun / Moon takes up 3.2 GB. That extra space will come in handy.

Retail price: $14 to $20

AmazonBasics Carrying Case

There’s nothing too fancy about the AmazonBasics carrying case for 2DS XL and 3DS XL systems, but it’s a semi-hard case that’ll keep your handheld in tact. Inside the case are straps to keep the system from moving around and there are three pockets to store a few games. It’s a much better option than having your handheld thrown in a bag.

Retail price: $12 to $15

Hori 3DS XL Screen Protective Filter

The two screens on the DS systems aren’t prone to as many accidents as, say, a Nintendo Switch since both 2DS XL and 3DS XL models feature a clamshell body design. But that doesn’t make the displays immune to getting scuffed. A pair of screen protectors can come in handy, and they’re pretty cheap. The screen protective filter from Hori fits XL screens just right and comes with a cleaning cloth for application prep.

Retail price: $9 to $13

Hori Game Card Case

Long-time owners of any of the 3DS family of systems probably have a ton of games by now, and carrying around a bunch of cartridges gets unwieldy. A simple case for all those carts can be a big help for portability and the one from Hori, which holds 24 carts, is only going to run you $10.

Retail price: $10

Nintendo eShop Digital Card

You can always rely on a Nintendo eShop card if you can’t decide on a particular 3DS accessory to gift. These act as currency in the eShop store where you can purchase and download digital games. It’d make for a convenient gift that puts the decision-making burden on the recipient, which is great for you! These come in either $10, $20, $35, or $50 amounts with the cast of Mario characters printed on them.

Retail price:$10, $20, $35, $50


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