Printable NCAA bracket 2017: Fill out your March Madness picks

We’ve got our bracket. The NCAA tournament is now officially underway, but it’s never too late to fill out a bracket.

Three of the most exciting weeks in sports are upon us again, and that’s pretty cool. So here’s a printable tournament bracket, available for your free downloading and use. It’s updated through Saturday at the Final Four, with only the championship game left.

It’s easy nowadays to join a bracket contest online. Many of us will do that, myself probably included. But personally, I think it’s more fun to print out a bracket, write out all of my picks in black ink, and then post it on my bedroom door for a few weeks. Then I print a blank bracket and mark it up with highlighters as the tournament rolls on. And I’m not old-fashioned at all. It’s just a fun thing I like to do.

The tournament is always hard to pick. Millions of brackets yield no more than a handful of perfect ones every year. This year feels especially difficult to peg because college basketball hasn’t had a singular dominant team in 2016-17. It’s had some teams get close, though they haven’t been as consistently great as the best teams in certain recent years.

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