Kobe Bryant got an entire class out of their final exam thanks to a single retweet

Hope you have an A in this class https://t.co/ABKeJSHPZc

— Kobe Bryant (@kobebryant) May 18, 2017

Kobe comes through in the clutch, even when he’s not playing basketball.

Twitter user @WilliamPate36 made a deal with his teacher that if the Black Mamba himself retweeted his post, the entire class would not take a final exam.

The teacher probably though this would be impossible to accomplish. Why would Kobe Bryant check out his Twitter notifications? The Lakers star gets thousands of messages today. Why would he read that particular one and respond to it?

Well, Kobe did and now the entire class gets to relax. Plus Kobe freakin’ Bryant responded to the tweet. That’s a separate reason to celebrate.

Will this teacher try to get out of this deal by pointing out that this is a quote tweet instead of a retweet? We hope not because this is incredibly cool.

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