Kevin Durant beautifully embraced the villain role in Game 3 against Jazz

It seems like we never really have a handle on Kevin Durant’s personality. Is he a nice guy? Is he a villain? It seems to change daily, especially after he left Oklahoma City for Golden State. But during Game 3, he was 100 percent a savage. A villain. The rudest guy on the basketball court. And it was glorious.

Durant took over late in the game when the Warriors needed it, finishing with 38 points and 13 rebounds. But during that fourth quarter, while it was clear he was absolutely the best player on the court, he went Villain Warrior on us.

He started trash talking some court side Jazz fans

Kevin Durant doesn’t know you

— The Crossover (@TheCrossover) May 7, 2017

He told the Jazz mascot to literally, “Get the f**k of the court.”

He got a Flagrant 1 foul for shoving Rudy Gobert.

Kevin Durant was given a flagrant 1 foul after this hit on Rudy Gobert

— Def Pen Hoops (@DefPenHoops) May 7, 2017

And then stared him down. The fire in his eyes!

KD is a savage tonight

— CJ Fogler (@cjzero) May 7, 2017

Then after Gobert missed the free throw from the foul, the trash talking continued.

KD & Draymond talking all kinds of trash at Rudy Gobert

— CJ Fogler (@cjzero) May 7, 2017

He hit a dagger shot and followed it up with a shrug

So savage KD does exist. Russell Westbrook would be so proud in another lifetime. The Warriors will look to finish the sweep of the Jazz on Monday night.

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