James Harden made Enes Kanter play Twister with a vicious set of crossovers

There’s one place you don’t want to be if you’re not a confident perimeter defender, and that’s on an island with James Harden.

Enes Kanter took a first-class trip to that destination and got left behind after The Beard put a vicious set of moves on the Thunder big man on Sunday.

Kanter found himself isolated against Harden in the third quarter of the Rockets’ Game 1 matchup against the Thunder on Easter. That’s when the MVP-caliber guard rattled off a dirty set of moves that made the Oklahoma City bench cringe.

Harden’s flurry of crossovers made Kanter slip and slide all over the wing before he finally decided to stop the bleeding and finish at the rack. It was a graceful ending to an elegant salvo of directional shifts that left Oklahoma City’s big man in the dust.

It won’t be the last time Harden breaks a set of ankles during the playoffs, but if that’s any indication of what we’re going to see in the games to come, then it’s time to break out some popcorn. This is gonna be a good one.

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