Injustice 2: New Video For The Flash Coming Soon

NetherRealm will release a new Injustice 2 video this week that will provide an “inside look” at The Flash’s moves, the developer has announced.

The video will be released on April 10. Ahead of that, NetherRealm released the teaser video below that provides a glimpse of The Flash; take a look:

#TheFlash wins! Tomorrow, 4/10, get an inside look at The Flash’s moves in an all new video!

— Injustice2 (@InjusticeGame) April 9, 2017

In other news about Injustice 2, NetheRealm released the fourth chapter in the game’s Shattered Alliances series last week–watch it here.

We also recently got a look at Catwoman, Black Adam, Cheetah in the game, and learned about how Injustice 2’s microtransactions will work. Injustice 2 launches for Xbox One and PS4 on May 16. You can see a roundup of all the confirmed characters so far here.

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