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In a Planned Parenthood Culture, The Matt Lauers Thrive

The Resurgent ^ | 11/29/17 | Erick Erickson

Posted on 11/30/2017 9:05:06 AM PST by iowamark

It is not a partisan issue. It is a power issue. Powerful men, emboldened by a culture that lets them get away with whatever they want, engage in all sorts of sordid behaviors. We live in a fallen world and both in the power corridors of churches and in the media, not to mention politics and Hollywood, bad men can get away with all sorts of terrible things when people refuse to hold them accountable.

But there is another aspect of this as well. We live in an age of prostitots where 4 year olds can dress up like sluts for Halloween and we whore up Mrs. Santa Claus for Christmas. Men and women are told if it feels good they can do it and they use each other for self pleasure in a consumerist, disposal society. If a pregnancy occurs they can run down the street for Plan B, get free birth control by using the government to shake down nuns, and have courts demand states fund Planned Parenthood.

I don’t care what theologian you listen to, they’ve been warning for years about the side effects of a hypersexualized society that condemns insistence on modesty and humility. The more bragadocious you are, the more the media builds you up. The more women slut themselves up, the more attention they get. When anyone points out modesty and humility matter, the twenty something girls at liberal websites and their “feminist male writers” (the ones not yet fired for sexual harassment) engage in ridicule and disdain. Only prudes could be opposed to the hook up culture, after all. Anyone who thinks sex is more than about pleasure is outmoded and American Taliban. Prostitution is now empowerment and sex tapes get you reality TV shows.

But the reality is far different. Men and women are different and cannot and do not play the same roles. They should not be treated the same by each other except under law, but there should be far more respect given to and appreciation for women, many of whom are pulling double duty in the workforce and also as a mom in a capacity not also shared equally by many dads.

This is, though, Planned Parenthood’s culture. If we imposed a Christian theocracy on America tomorrow, we’d still have the problems because people are sinners and people in power think they can get away with all sorts of stuff. But this isn’t a Christian society. This is a society where men and women are told hook up culture is okay, abortion on demand is a right, and sex is just another fun thing to do, preferably with government subsidy. That allows bad behavior to ratchet up its bad behavior. Reject modesty and humility, which this culture does, and it ratchets up the bad behavior even further.

We are dealing with the fall out of a sexual revolution that was never a good thing, but many of the people sexually harassing others or covering for those sexually harassing others will deny it to the bitter end. After all, they’re having fun and anyone suggesting that fun has consequences are just being prudes.

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“We live in a culture of abortion on demand where modesty and humility are viewed as vices.”

Whatever one thinks of Erickson, he hits the nail on the head here.

1posted on 11/30/2017 9:05:06 AM PSTby iowamark

To: iowamark

Good talking point!

2posted on 11/30/2017 9:06:47 AM PSTby DIRTYSECRET(urope. Why do they put up with this.)

To: iowamark

It will be challenging, but we need to reorient our society toward morality.

Although not really comparable, the Regency period in England (which could encompass 1795-1837)was seen as a time of indecency in dress and immorality in action. When Victoria came to the throne in 1837, things began to change. And, of course, many might say that they changed too much as the Victorian Age took shape.

But the point is: a period of loose morals can morph into a period of moral uprightness. We could do it. It would be good for us.

3posted on 11/30/2017 9:13:11 AM PSTby ClearCase_guy(Benedict McCain is the worst traitor ever to wear the uniform of the US military.)

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