MUST SEE: John Oliver Connects The Dots On Putin, Trump

You can’t do a news segment anymore that isn’t about Donald Trump. Or as John Oliver said last night, “Trump dominates the news cycle like a fart dominates the interior of a Volkswagen Beetle.” he said at the start of his Sunday night show.

And so what if that means real, fact-based, important international news, like the death of Kim Jong-un’s half brother, gets buried under the fake news Trump lie of Sweden’s “terrorist attack?”

“Here’s where we’re at right now: Trump can dominate the news merely by referencing something that didn’t happen in Sweden,” said Oliver.

The highlight of the week was, of course, “a presidential press conference [that] elicited the same reaction you get from people who have just seen someone shoot fireworks out of his arse.” Oliver showed the universal one-word media reaction to the presser: “Wow.”

But the key argument of last night’s show was that Trump is either Putin’s idiot stooge or willing collaborator. So many times Trump has said in public, “it would be nice if we got along with Russia.”

“It would also be nice if you could walk right up to a bear and hug it, that would be really, really nice but unfortunately it’s not that f*cking easy.”

Most jaw dropping was an interview clip with a Russian journalist, who pointed out that Putin uses problems in America to convince his own citizens that democracy fails everywhere, and it’s just not possible for the world to be a better place than it is.

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Watch Out, Kellyanne, Chris Christie Tells Staffers He’s Going To The White House

Watch Out, Kellyanne, Chris Christie Tells Staffers He's Going To The White House

So according to the NY Post, Chris Christie is planning on moving on up.

You see, allegedly he’s written to his staffers to let them know that he’s going to the White House. No reports on what his official position would be (although given Trump’s megalomaniacal tendencies, it could be as his official beefeater), but if I was Kellyanne Conway, recently benched by several networks from giving appearances, I’d be nervous.

Trump’s perception of media appearances doesn’t resemble normal politcos. He LOVED Stephen Miller’s Goebbels-like blitz of the Sunday shows. And Christie is notoriously aggressive with the media, which will probably thrill Donald right down to his disproportionately tiny digits.

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NYC Activists Hold Mock-Funeral For The American Presidency

As one chronicler explains it:

In memoriam of the American Presidency, a New Orleans-style funeral march to mourn the death of democracy and so much that is essential. Through music and action we celebrate our power and humanity. We demand the return of the presidency and governance to humane values — civil rights, sensible gun laws, decency, public education, environmental and financial regulations, reproductive rights, tolerance, and truth itself.

This creative protest was organized by Rise and Resist NYC (Facebook) and Gays Against Guns NYC.

They even sang not-safe-for-work songs, including this one:

[embed eid="22714" /]

Here are the lyrics:

Somewhere over the rainbow,
Love trumps hate.
Black lives matter to all
And Muslims can immigrate.
Somewhere over the rainbow,
We rejoice. Women get equal pay
And make their own goddamn choice!

Somewhere there is no Cheeto Czar,
And all the fascist f*cks
Are far behind me!
There’s health care
when you have an ache,
And Christians have to
Bake gay cake—
With hot pink icing!

Oh, somewhere over the rainbow,
Steve, and Don are in prison
Preferably in Iran…
But facts are not alternative:
Let’s bring the rainbow here
And fight to live!

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Where In The World Is Kellyanne Conway?

Where In The World Is Kellyanne Conway?

Kellyanne Conway has been remarkably quiet this week. Eerily so. She had a bang up few weeks, so it wasn’t a complete shock that she dropped out of the limelight for a bit. Here are some of the highlights of just the last few weeks:

She introduced a new word for lies: alternative facts.. Merriam Webster, the dictionary, even trolled her online:

She was completely dressed down by her alma mater, Trinity University, in an open letter from the President on the school’s website.

Her final egregious mistake, the one that may have been the reason we haven’t seen her face on tv in a week or so, was when she went on tv and hocked Ivanka’s goods during an official White House interview.

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Mike’s Blog Round Up

Mike's Blog Round Up

Mock, Paper, Scissors: You can fool some of the people all of the time, and that’s Trump’s target market.

Mainly Macro: NAIRU. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

Plunderbund: Ohio Republicans are pushing Right-to-Work legislation to undermine both public and private sector unions.

EconBrowser: So you say you want a country where health care is distributed by the free market. You won’t want to live there.

Speaking of which, your quote of the day:
“Rationing happens today! The question is who will do it? The government? Or you, your doctor and your family?” (Paul Ryan, February 2010.)

Guest blogging Mike’s Blog Round Up this week is Jon Perr from Perrspectives. Send your tips, recommendations, comments and angst to mbru AT crooksandliars DOT com.

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Chris Wallace Slams Priebus For Attacking The Media: ‘You Don’t Get To Tell Us What To Do Reince!’

Chris Wallace Slams Priebus For Attacking The Media: 'You Don't Get To Tell Us What To Do Reince!'

You know things are bad when your administration’s attacks on the press are so rotten, even Fox’s Chris Wallace starts sounding like a journalist. If RNCPRBS was expecting a cushy interview from the usually friendly territory of Fox “news” this Sunday morning, he was in for an unpleasant surprise.

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus got more than he bargained for when he tried telling the host of Fox News Sunday how to do his job in response to Wallace’s questions about the Trump administration’s attacks on the media and press freedom and his labeling of the media as an “enemy” of the American people.

WALLACE: President Trump is punching back against critics especially in the media who say after just 30 days in office his administration has gone off the tracks. He made his case this week in an extraordinary news conference, and then yesterday in Florida in a campaign-style rally.


TRUMP: We are here today to speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I hear your demands, I hear your voices, and I promise you that I will deliver. I promise that.


WALLACE: Joining us now from Mr. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach is White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

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