DC’s Cyborg Movie Still On Course For 2020 Release, Star Says

There has been much recent uncertainty about DC’s upcoming roster of superhero movies. Only Aquaman has a confirmed release date after 2017–The Flash is currently looking for its third director, and there have been no updates at all about Cyborg. However, the latter’s star, Ray Fisher, has now confirmed that the movie is on course for a 2020 release.

The update comes via DCWorld, who reported from a recent Q&A with Fisher at the City of Heroes convention in the UK. They tweeted:

The 2020 date for Cyborg was originally set three years ago, but there have been a variety of changes to the DC schedule since then. Justice League is now one film instead of two, while The Flash is currently without a director and has reportedly undergoing a complete rewrite.

In addition, the standalone Batman movie is expected in the next few years, as is Gotham City Sirens, which focuses on Harley Quinn and various female DC villains. In March it was reported that the studio were keen to put another movie into production this year, but it is unknown what this would be.

Fisher, meanwhile, will play Cyborg in Justice League, which is directed by Zack Snyder and hits theaters in November. Check out the latest trailer here.

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Top 10 UK Sales Chart: Injustice 2 Debuts At No.1, Farpoint Is Highest Charting VR Game Ever

Injustice 2 has finished top of the UK games chart in its debut week, beating off competition from Sony’s new VR shooter Farpoint, which comes in at No.2 for the week ending May 20. The result makes the Injustice sequel “the first beat-’em-up to reach No.1 since Mortal Kombat X,” according to sales monitor Chart-Track. Farpoint, meanwhile, is the highest-charting VR-required game ever in the UK.

Below that, Grand Theft Auto V slips one place to No.3, while Bethesda’s sci-fi action game Prey falls to No.4 (down from No.1 last week).

Another new entry, the 3DS-exclusive Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, manages a No.5 debut, while fellow newcomer The Surge opens at No.10.

Injustice and Farpoint’s success follows positive critical reception for both titles. We awarded Warner Bros.’ brawler a 9/10 in our Injustice 2 review–critic Peter Brown called it “a fighting game that can be enjoyed by new players and pros alike.”

Farpoint, meanwhile, offers “a taste of something new for PSVR,” according to our critic Justin Clark. Read more in our full Farpoint review, or check out the first 30 minutes of gameplay here.

You can read the full top 10 sales chart below, courtesy of sales monitor Chart-Track. Note this table does not include digital sales data, and so should not be considered representative of all UK game sales.

  1. Injustice 2
  2. Farpoint
  3. Grand Theft Auto V
  4. Prey
  5. Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
  6. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  7. FIFA 17
  8. Ghost Recon: Wildlands
  9. Rocket League
  10. The Surge
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Some Xbox One 1 TB Consoles Are $50 Off Right Now In The US

Microsoft has announced a temporary price cut on some Xbox One S models.

Right now in the US, you can get the 1 TB Xbox One S bundles for Battlefield 1, Halo Wars 2, and Gears of War 4 for $300 instead of $350. Additionally, the 2 TB red Gears of War 4 bundle is available for $400 instead of $450. The Forza Horizon 3 1 TB Xbox One S bundle is not part of the deal.

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In an Xbox Wire post, Microsoft said these prices will be available only for a limited time, though a specific end-date and time was not mentioned.

The $50 off deal is good at a variety of US retailers, including Amazon, Target, GameStop, Best Buy, and Walmart, as well as the Microsoft Store.

This price cut comes just before Microsoft is expected to announce new details about Project Scorpio, including possibly its price and release date, at E3 or potentially sooner. GameSpot will report back with more details on the console as they’re announced.

In other Xbox news, Microsoft has announced that Xbox One S models now support 4K streaming through Amazon’s video app.

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Next Xbox One Backwards-Compatible Games Arrive In Japan

The Xbox One‘s backwards compatibility library grows again with three more games, though they may not be available where you live.

As announced by Microsoft’s Major Nelson on Twitter, the newest additions are three Steins;Gate titles, and they are only available in Japan. If you own any of the titles on Xbox 360 and live in Japan, they should show up automatically in your Xbox One game library. One thing to note is that Steins; Gate 線形拘束のフェノグラム requires the game disc, while the other two do not.

There are hundreds of Xbox 360 games that are playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility. You can see a roundup of all of them right here.

In other backwards compatibility news, Microsoft is holding a sale right now that discounts more than 250 backwards compatibility games, including Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV, and Black Ops II.

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Bayonetta Studio Teases New IP

PlatinumGames, the studio behind Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, is working on a new IP. However, it sounds like it is still very early days for the game.

As reported by DualShockers, PlatinumGames producer Atsushi Inaba said during a keynote address at BitSummit in Japan the studio is working on a “formless, shapeless IP,” details of which he could not disclose at this time The mysterious game will be directed by someone new, he said, though he didn’t name a name.

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As DualShockers points out, Inaba said at last year’s BitSummit event that PlatinumGames was thinking about making a new IP. So now it seems as if the studio has committed to making it, though as always, plans could change, especially because an official announcement hasn’t happened yet.

Also during his talk, Inaba said he’s not sure if PlatinumGames will continue to release one game per year.

In 2016, PlatinumGames boss Tatsuya Minami said the studio originally only wanted to work on franchises that it created, but this did not work out. PlatinumGames is known for its development partnerships now, as it’s worked with Nintendo (Star Fox Zero), Konami (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance), Activision/Nickelodeon (The Legend of Korra, TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan), and Hasbro (Transformers: Devastation), among others.

“We used to have the idea that we wanted to be a studio that only made 100 percent original games,” he said. “However, it turns out that only doing that is considerably difficult, and so now we take on various work.

We’ll report back with more details on PlatinumGames’ new IP as they’re announced.

In other news, the developer’s Xbox One and PC game Scalebound was canceled, while the studio’s 2010 shooter Vanquish is out now on PC.

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Microsoft Clarifies Xbox Scorpio Frame Rate/Fidelity Stance

Microsoft has clarified another detail about the upcoming Project Scorpio console.

Xbox engineering lead Mike Ybarra confirmed that Microsoft will not force developers to ensure there is frame rate parity between Scorpio and Xbox One games. Responding to someone on Twitter who said this would be the case, Ybarra stressed that no such mandate is in place. “No, there isn’t,” he said to the suggestion that there is a requirement that a game’s Xbox One frame rate is the same for its Scorpio version. “This is up to the developer to choose, for their games, what they want to do.”

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In another tweet, Ybarra laid out Microsoft’s policy on this even more clearly and directly: “Developers are free to choose how they use the power of Project Scorpio for games. We have no requirements limiting framerate or fidelity,” he said.

Microsoft is positioning Scorpio as the “most powerful console ever made,” so it would be unfortunate if developers had to reign in their visions for games by limiting frame rate and fidelity.

All Xbox One games work on Scorpio, though the Scorpio editions can look and perform better if developers want to do that. It is a similar situation with PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Microsoft is expected to share more details on Scorpio at E3 or sooner. Presumably we will learn the console’s official name and price, among other things, in the weeks and months to come before the system’s launch this holiday.

Are you looking forward to Scorpio? Let us know in the comments below!

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