Nvidia Releases New Game-Ready Drivers, Makes Several Optimizations

Today, Nvidia put out an update to its Game Ready graphics driver in support of a few new games. The version 381.89 WHQL driver brings optimizations to Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III, the Quake Champions closed beta, and Heroes of the Storm 2.0. There are also optimizations for a handful of virtual reality games: Wilson’s Heart, Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality, and Batman Arkham VR.

The new Nvidia driver addresses common issues from previous versions.

  • Sniper Elite 3 crashes.
  • Notebook, eDP panel: Blue-screen (code 3B) occurs followed by the Recovery screen during software unbundling process.
  • GeForce GTX 1060: Blue-screen crash occurs pointing to driver (Nvlddmkm.sys) after the system reboots from sleep mode.
  • GPU idling voltage has increased.

According to the release notes of the new driver, the following are some of the existing and known issues:

  • (GeForce Experience) Driver installation may fail when attempting to perform a driver over-install. To workaround, perform a clean installation.
  • (SLI – GeForce GTX 1080) Battlefield 1 XP1 with SLI enabled, corruption appears in the game when switching between full-screen and windowed mode.
  • (GeForce GTX 1080 Ti) Mass Effect: Andromeda, random memory errors may occur when playing the game.
  • (GeForce GTX 1080 Ti) Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, G-Sync/SLI/DirectX 12: Black corruption appears while entering the in-game menu after skipping the cutscene.
  • (GeForce GTX Titan X) Ansel in Ghost Recon Wildlands with FXAA enabled from the Nvidia Control Panel, the application crashes when enabling the in-game Ansel UI.
  • (GM204 based GPUs) Tom Clancy’s The Division Survival DLC, game crashes, pointing to ntdll.dll when changed to full-screen and to windowed full-screen.
  • (GM204 based GPUs) ShadowPlay – For Honor silently may crash if the intro video is skipped while instant replay is on.
  • (SLI – GeForce GTX 970M) Level loading may hang in Gears of War 4.
  • (GM204 based GPUs) Quantum Break window either remains blank or freezes in game scene in windowed mode.
  • (SLI) Street Fighter V performance drop (pause and play) observed when the game is played at 4K resolution with SLI enabled.

GeForce Experience itself is not getting an update and staying on version for now. You can read the details of the 381.89 Game Ready driver on Nvidia’s website.

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Vivendi Will Reportedly Pursue A Ubisoft Takeover This Year

Ubisoft may be faced with a hostile takeover attempt before the end of the year.

Reuters reports that, in the midst of declining share prices and consternation among investors who are unsure of the company’s direction, Vivendi will become more aggressive with acquisitions this year. The French media conglomerate has its eyes on more than just elements of the games industry, but Ubisoft is said to be one of its first targets, along with Havas, an advertising company it already owns 60% of.

Speaking about Ubisoft and Havas, a source told Reuters, “Vivendi is moving to the second phase; everything will take place this year.” Another source said that, while Vivendi would have a limit on how much it’d be willing to spend, “The logical thing would be to buy Ubisoft.”

A Vivendi shareholder meeting today saw chairman Vincent Bollore reelected to the board despite calls from some for investors to oppose the move.

It’s no secret that Vivendi has been targeting Ubisoft for some time. It’s slowly acquired more and more shares of the game publisher; in December, it reached the 25 percent mark (and 22 percent of voting rights). At 30 percent, French law would mandate that it pursue a controlling stake in the company.

In April of last year, Vivendi claimed it had “no plans” for a takeover of Ubisoft. To date, Vivendi has not seeked representation on Ubisoft’s board of directors, which seemed like a possibility ahead of a Ubisoft shareholder meeting last September.

Yves Guillemot
Yves Guillemot

Ubisoft and its CEO, Yves Guillemot, have expressed their vehement opposition to Vivendi’s maneuvering. Guillemot has suggested a takeover would cost Ubisoft its agility and ability to take risks.

Vivendi, which once owned Activision, acquired the mobile game developer Gameloft last year. The company was founded by Michel Guillemot, the brother of Yves Guillemot.

We’ll continue to report back as the situation develops.

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Get D.Va’s New Overwatch Skin By Playing Heroes Of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm today received a major update, and as part of its launch, Blizzard has revealed new content for both it and Overwatch.

The fantastic cinematic video above features a fight between Diablo and Overwatch’s Genji, who is now a playable character in HotS. Later on, it reveals that the next character in HotS will be Overwatch’s D.Va.

While we don’t yet know much about exactly how she’ll play, we do know you’ll likely want to boot up HotS to take part in the Nexus Challenge 2.0. Similar to a previous event that unlocked content in both HotS and Overwatch, this will do the same–most notably, allowing you to unlock a police-inspired D.Va skin for use in Overwatch.

The five-week event will have different rewards each week. Others include loot boxes for both games, a police mount in HotS, and more. You’ll also have another chance to unlock the content offered during the previous Nexus Challenge event. You can see all of this in the video below.

We’ll report back as dates and more details are announced. In the meantime, there’s a lot of adjustments and new content in HotS to take in–and as many as 20 free characters to obtain.

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As Final Fantasy 14’s PS3 Shutdown Nears, PS3 Subscription Will Be Dropped

Final Fantasy XIV will not be playable on PS3 for much longer. In the lead up to its server shutdown, Square Enix will make the game playable for free on the last-gen console.

When upcoming expansion pack Stormblood was announced last year, Square Enix revealed that it would phase out the PS3 version to focus on PS4 and PC. That end date is rapidly approaching, with the PS3 game set to cease operations on June 16, when Stormblood’s early access period begins.

Starting this coming Monday, May 1, Square Enix will remove the subscription requirement from the PS3 version. This will allow subscribers on the platform to play for free until the shutdown.

If you have an account that spans multiple platforms, you won’t gain subscription free access on PS4 or PC just because you own the game on PS3. The “free login campaign” only provides subscription-free access on PS3. You can read more about the rules here.

PS3 players interested in moving to the PS4 version can take advantage of an ongoing upgrade campaign. Running through the end of the year, PS3 players can pick up a free digital copy of the game for PS4. If your subscription has lapsed, you’ll also receive 14 days of game time. Details on how to get your freebie are available on Square Enix’s website.

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Star Wars Episode 9, Indiana Jones 5 Release Dates Announced

Seemingly out of nowhere, Lucasfilm has confirmed the release dates for two of its upcoming–but still far-off–projects.

Star Wars: Episode IX will not occupy the same December period that the last several Star Wars movies have. Instead, it’ll be released on May 24, 2019. The Colin Trevorrow-directed film does not yet have a title, and Lucasfilm simply described it as “clos[ing] out the third Star Wars trilogy.”

Lucasfilm’s other bit of news concerns Indiana Jones. The fifth film in the series launches on July 10, 2020, and will see the return of both star Harrison Ford and director Steven Spielberg. No further details were shared.

We’ll have more on these movies as it’s announced.

Lucasfilm isn’t resting on its laurels in the meantime. This December marks the release of the next Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi (watch the recent trailer above), with a young Han Solo movie set to follow in May 2018.

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There’s A Rechargeable Music Player Built Into Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Doritos Bags

In news that seems well-suited to April 1, Doritos and Marvel have announced a partnership that will see the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2-branded bags of Doritos that come equipped with a cassette-style music player.


No Caption Provided

As reported by Billboard, this is only meant to resemble a cassette player, though it does really play music. By plugging in headphones, you can listen to the movie’s full soundtrack, with songs from Fleetwood Mac and George Harrison, among others. David Hasselhoff has a song on there as well, which somehow feels appropriate.

Based on the image above from Billboard, the bag will be available in at least the standard Nacho Cheese flavor, as Doritos has seemingly decided to forgo the superiority of Spicy Nacho.

These special bags won’t be available in stores, instead being sold on Amazon while supplies last. A price was not shared, but you’ll be glad to hear the bag can be recharged so that you aren’t limited to a single battery’s worth of listening sessions.

The bags go on sale here this Friday, April 28. On May 5, Doritos will host events in New York and Los Angeles where fans can win one of these bags.

As for the movie itself, it launches on May 5. For an idea of what to expect, read our Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 review.

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