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The first episode for Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within has officially released for android, iOS, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. If you’re having some trouble in the point-and-click graphic adventures of the cape crusader then let us lend a hand.

Check out our complete episode one breakdown walkthrough for the video game and be sure to check back for future episode walkthrough guides.

Note: The following walkthrough will follow specific dialogue choices. Choices and story may alter if not followed directly.

Note: Check back for future updates.

Chapter 1

Alfred and Bruce conversation during casino scene.


  • We all hide our true selves.
  • You can become the role.
  • I never forgot who I am. X
  • Silence

Hacking speaker

Look at the Mori’s Cell Phone option to hack it in order to hear the conversation.

Silencing Options

While listening into Mori’s conversation, a woman will approach you curious as to why Bruce Wayne is at the Casino.


  • I’m undercover. Shh.
  • You’re not my type.
  • Looking for a thrill.
  • Silence X

When the Riddler makes his move, the woman once again speaks up.


  • [Lie] Meet me outside. X
  • Go away.
  • Come with me.
  • Silence

After defeating the thug, you will receive the official Batsuit. Gear up with the suit and continue on with the game.

When doing recon, Batman will use the drone to scout out the place. Look at the cashier booth followed by distracting the guard next to it.

Gordon will call in asking Batman for a plan of attack.


  • Make a frontal assault.
  • Hit them with tear gas. X

Before Gordon can send out the tear gas, players will have to clear a path by defeating a series of thugs.

Riddler Traps Batman

With the Riddler and his thugs surrounding Batman, players will have the choice to make a statement.


  • You’re just ordinary scum.
  • You don’t know me. X
  • You’re yesterday’s news.
  • Silence

During the conversation, Batman can signal Gordon to send out tear gas, triggering a fight scene with the Riddler. However, towards the end of the fight, the Riddler will activate the torture device in an attempt to kill Mori.

Use the power box to stop the device from killing Mori which is located on the bottom right hand side of the device. Afterwards, you will continue on with the fight against Riddler.


  • To prove you wrong.
  • I save people.
  • I believe in justice. X
  • Silence

Fighting will continue until the Riddler manages to escape, leaving you with a puzzle to solve. Take the Puzzlebox after the title screen fades for further analyzing.

Gordon Riddler Conversation

Gordon will speak with Batman, alerting him of the past antics that the Riddler use to do with his crimes.


  • Well, he did escape.
  • He’s arrogant.
  • He’d never met me. X
  • Silence

Amanda Waller Speaks With Batman

During your conversation with Gordon, Amanda Waller will speak up to the Batman.


  • And you are?
  • I don’t like your attitude.
  • I haven’t had the pleasure. X
  • Silence

Amanda Waller Speaks With Batman continue pt 2


  • You could have warned us.
  • Never heard of you.
  • Good thing you’re here. X
  • Silence

Amanda Waller Speaks With Batman continue pt 3


  • I only work with Gordon.
  • That’s a good idea. X
  • I don’t need a team.
  • Silence

Amanda Waller Speaks With Batman continue pt 4


  • You’re right, Waller
  • Back off.
  • I made the call. X
  • Silence

Agent Avesta

Gordon pleas with Batman to not give up too much information to Agent Avesta when she approaches the two in order to discuss the Riddler.


  • He wanted a solution to a riddle.
  • Riddler’s just insane.
  • They had some kind deal. X
  • Silence

Agent Avesta continue pt 2


  • I don’t like your insinuation.
  • Of course I am.
  • It’s unavoidable. X
  • Silence

Waller once again approaches Batman making a threat of keeping information away from them when it comes to the Riddler.


  • Riddler left me a puzzle. X
  • I don’t like threats.
  • Stay out of my way.
  • [Grapple away]


Now at the batcave and getting ready to work on the puzzle, Bruce can choose to play background music.


  • [Jazz]
  • [Classical]
  • [Ambient] X
  • Silence

Afterward, head back to the Riddler puzzlebox.

Alfred will begin to talk about recent discoveries on Waller and the Agency when Bruce notices his hand spasm.


  • I always worry about my family. X
  • I’ll try not to.
  • Get that looked at.
  • Silence

After sitting down at the computer, Bruce has access to various feeds. In particular, we need to look at the Agency Files.

It’s during the Agency Files that Alfred asks Bruce if they should be worried about Waller and her intentions.


  • They’re going to make things harder.
  • They’re on our side.
  • Waller seems dangerous. X
  • Silence

After the Agency Files, look into the Riddler Files.

It’s during the discovery that Riddler broke fellow criminals out of a prison that Alfred states the Riddler is sick and could use a doctor.


  • Arkham has plenty of room. X
  • You’re getting soft.
  • No, his victims need help.
  • Silence

Once you finish the scene with the Riddler at the prison, exit out of the computer and check back with the puzzlebox.

Puzzlebox Riddle

I have an eye yet cannot see. Who am I?


  • Eye of a hurricane?
  • A one-eyed Jack?
  • Eye of a needle? X
  • Blind justice?

You will need to find an object to use with the Puzzlebox from around the batcave. Head to the Record Player and use the puzzlebox which is now transformed into a disc.

Wayne Tower

Bruce will head to Wayne Tower in order to meet with Lucius on deciphering the Puzzlebox further. Upon entering, Bruce will meet up with Regina where she asks what’s in the case.


  • [Lie] Tax papers.
  • Something for Lucius. X
  • None of your business.
  • Silence

When showing Lucius the puzzlebox, you are interrupted by Tiffany who introduces her latest invention, a small miniature drone.


  • Not when it’s aimed at my head.
  • Pushing for a raise?
  • This is great, thanks! X
  • Silence

Tiffany conversation continue pt 2


  • Tired.
  • Please don’t say old. X
  • Unbelievably badass.
  • Silence

Tiffany conversation continue pt 3


  • One of your dad’s projects. X
  • Pretty cool, huh?
  • It’s above your clearance.
  • Silence

Tiffany conversation continue pt 4


  • You should go.
  • We could use the help. X
  • It’s too advanced for you.
  • Silence

Tiffany conversation continue pt 5


  • He’s been through some trauma
  • Same old Alfred.
  • He’ll be better seeing you. X
  • Silence

Once Tiffany leaves, Lucius brings up the idea of telling her about what his job really is about at Wayne Tower along with the ties with Batman.


  • You can’t decide her future.
  • It’s too dangerous.
  • She’d be a good fit. X
  • Silence

Satisfied with Bruce’s choice to bring Tiffany along for the mission, the two are once again interrupted but this time with Agent Avesta. Bruce alerts Lucius that he will catch up later.


  • Let me know what you find.
  • See you later.
  • I’ll be right there. X
  • Silence

Agent Avesta alerts Bruce that they have a few questions for him.


  • Make yourselves comfortable. X
  • Am I in trouble?
  • This isn’t a good time.
  • Silence

Agent Avesta conversation continue pt 2


  • My family owes a debt to Gotham. X
  • [Answer phone]
  • I like the attention.
  • Silence

Agent Avesta alerts Bruce that she is trying to track down the Riddler.


  • Maybe I could help you? X
  • That’s not my concern.
  • That guy on the news?
  • Silence

Agent Avesta alerts Bruce that he has a long history with the criminally insane.


  • No more than anyone else.
  • I’m an easy target. X
  • I don’t like your tone.
  • Silence

Agent Avesta then makes the connection between Bruce and John Doe being friends.


  • John might think so. X
  • Are you kidding?
  • Sure, we got along.
  • Silence

The conversation then turns towards the riot Bruce and John Doe were a part of.


  • I tried to stop the fight. X
  • You’ve been misinformed.
  • I wasn’t myself at the time.
  • Silence

Alerted that John Doe has been missing for months their only clue to where he may be is with Bruce who was listed as John’s emergency contact.


  • I didn’t agree to that.
  • That’s creepy. X
  • The man is insane.
  • Silence

Agent Avesta states that in the center of investigation is Bruce Wayne.


  • I’ve got nothing to hide. X
  • Am I a suspect?
  • What’s your point?
  • Silence

Agent Avesta conversation continues stating Bruce may be a criminal.


  • I’m calling my lawyer.
  • Get the hell out.
  • I’m not a criminal! X
  • Silence

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