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Brothers Release Children’s Books about Extraordinary Hawaii and Texas Adventures

Merl and Jace Fennell, 3rd and 4th grade students from StockBridge, Georgia, have launched children’s books that will inspire the world to travel to new places. These paperback and eBooks can be found on Amazon and www.fennelladventures.com.

“Journey Through Hawaii with Jace” and “Journey Through Texas with Merl” demonstrates real-life examples of living life to the fullest. There are colorful photos and vivid illustrations that will fly you through the rich cultures and sceneries of various islands in Hawaii and Texas.

Jace states: “I get to explore new places with my family and create memories that I will have forever and ever,” said Jace. “And now I can take kids with me on my incredible adventures! A happy child is a happy adult! “Journey Through Hawaii with Jace” is a choose your own adventure book where you can read this book in 28 different ways. Depending on the choices you make, you decide how your adventure begins and ends. “I wanted this book to stand out and not be ordinary. “My mom would always ask us this: What do you want to do first? Anybody that reads this book, should have that choice too,” says Jace. Jace wants you to use this book as a guide if you go, want to go, or dream about going to the beautiful Island of Hawaii.

Merl states: “I think Texas is a really fun place, especially since I was able to ride a horse,” said Merl. “And I think other kids will like it too! “Journey Through Texas with Merl” is a choose your own adventure book where you can read this book in 40 different ways, learn your A,B,C’s, and rhyming patterns. “My big brother Jace wrote a book, so I knew I could do it too!” Merl wants you to use this book as a guide if you go, want to go, or dream about going to the amazing ranches in Texas.

For more information about the Fennell brothers, follow @fennelladventures on Instagram and Fennell Adventures on Facebook and YouTube.

PS4 Pro and PSVR Holiday Price Cuts Available Now

Following the announcement just a few days ago, the holiday price cuts to the PS4 Pro model and PSVR are now available. From today until December 16, all PS4 Pro models, including bundles are $50 off; PSVR bundle deals will last until December 24.

These deals make it the perfect time to pick up a new system as a holiday gift for someone you love, or as a treat for yourself. The PS4 Pro models offer more storage than the original and slim models, as well as native 4K resolution. The PSVR is virtual reality exclusively compatible with every PS4 model.

The base 1TB PS4 Pro model is going for $350 this week, but it's not the only one to keep your eyes on. Both limited edition versions of the Destiny 2 and Star Wars Battlefront II bundles have been marked down to $450.

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But if you're looking to hop onto the virtual reality bandwagon and already have a PS4 system, PSVR might be the answer. The Gran Turismo Sport bundle is only $200 this holiday season. Doom VFR follows just behind that bundle at $300, and the Skyrim VR bundle, with the PlayStation Move controllers, is $350.

For even more PlayStation, be sure to check out all the latest and greatest trailers from PlayStation Experience. And the year wil end with a bang for PlayStation Plus members; December's free games are available now, and more freebies are on their way.