Gingerbread houses come in many shapes and sizes, as well as varying skill-levels of execution. And not all of them are made from gingerbread. But most gingerbread houses are alike in that they take the shape of a child’s drawing version of a house: with a high-pitched gable roof and four walls. In other words, very architectural—but for the people.

We’ve covered fancy constructions and monumental ones, too, but the following are ones that most folks could probably pull off in their own kitchens, or buy adding their frosted spin on pre-made or packaged kits (prefabs). Without further ado, here’s a roundup of sophisticated, lopsided, charming, and all-around delectable miniature abodes that you could ostensibly eat.

Amateur architects, take note! All you need to build your dream house are a few slabs of dried-out gingerbread cookies, plenty of frosting, and a singular vision. Oh, and maybe a big appetite—you know, for cleaning up around the job site.

  1. Who knew you could put flowers on a roof?

2. Oh, the things you can do with a bowl of sugary glaze and a prefab gingerbread house!

3. How meta.

4. Picture-perfect.

5. Lovely.

6. Rustic!

7. Basic, but in the best way.

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8. A minimalist home with some serious trim.

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9. A gingerbread house is technically already a #tinyhouse.

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10. Aren’t these exquisite?

11. A multi-generational gingerbread house.

12. Love a good A-frame.

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13. Check out this two-toned cookie construction.

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14. A mermaid house painted with makeup—why not?

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15. A historic stone house.

16. Here’s a log-cabin fit for the entire gingerbread family.

17. This gingerbread house belongs on Winter Wonderland Lane.

18. The elegant trim on this one calls to mind an Arts and Crafts home.

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19. A stately manor.

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20. A cake makes an excellent foundation for a gingerbread house.

21. Sometimes a gingerbread house is not a gingerbread house, but something out of Star Wars.

22. The shingles on this one are simply marvelous.

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23. Let’s all move here for the holidays!

24. Good effort!

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25. Honestly, this looks like the tastiest of the bunch (and it’s not even made out of gingerbread).

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