SpaceX Blasts Biggest High Speed Communications Satellite to Orbit for Inmarsat

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL – SpaceX blasted the “largest and most complicated communications satellite ever built to orbit” for London based Inmarset at twilight this evening, May 15, from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. In fact the Inmarsat 5F4 satellite is so powerful that it has the potential to reach “hundreds of millions of customers” the Inmarsat CEO Rupert Pierce told Universe Today in a post launch interview.

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Destiny 2’s Developers Are Playing The Game At Home Now

A big Destiny 2 reveal is coming this week when Bungie shows off the first gameplay during a livestream on May 18. While you wait for that, Bungie today published the first Bungie Podcast since 2014. It’s a wonderful, hour-long discussion with Destiny 2 game director Luke Smith and project lead Mark Noseworthy, alongside community manager Eric Osborne.

The full podcast is well worth a listen for fans of the series. One of the interesting bits is that Destiny 2’s developers are playing the game in its entirety at home on a public test realm. Smith said it has been “pretty motivating” to play the game at home, as it inspires and energizes the team to come back to work with ideas for how to further improve the game.

“We have the game at home, which is awesome,” Smith said. “We have the whole game at home. On a private test realm. And we’re playing the sh** out of the game. That actually becomes pretty motivating to get back to work, because you can see, so clearly, inspiration n things that are going amazingly. And you can also see so many opportunities. We’re not done. We’ve got plenty of work in front of us. But having a version of the game where you can sit on your couch in front of your TV, it feels totally different than playing at your desk.”

Also during the podcast, Smith talked about how launching Destiny 2 is like the birthing process…in a way. “I think it’s a birth; basically, like, Destiny 2 the baby is going to be born either way,” he said. “It’s coming. And so, we’re just going to get to a place where we have to push. I have no kids. It’s going to happen no matter what.”

You can download the Bungie Podcast here on iTunes.

Destiny 2 launches on September 8 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well as PC. The Destiny 2 gameplay reveal event is taking place on May 18, and you can expect GameSpot to bring you all the news and coverage at that time.

In other news, publisher Activision has said Destiny 2’s PC version will have “meaningful features that are bespoke for the PC community.” And for the game overall, you can expect a steady stream of add-on content from Bungie and the other studios wording on the game.

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John Wall was wonderful in the playoffs, and Game 7 doesn’t change that

James Harden had a similar ending. But both were fantastic.

John Wall was nowhere to be found in the final quarter-plus of Game 7 against the Boston Celtics. He was everything in almost every playoff game before, and the thing in Game 6 when he stepped up to hit the game-winning three-pointer, but he couldn’t find any rhythm to close out the final half of the series, scoring zero points on 11 missed shots in 19 minutes.

It was a bizarre night altogether, with Kelly Olynyk pouring in 26 points from inside and out. No Wizard could find an answer to his aggression on the block or finesse from downtown. Not even the best point guard in the East, who still finished with 18 points, 11 assists, and seven rebounds, could out duel the long-haired flamethrower. It just wasn’t Wall’s night despite an impressive stat line others would champion themselves over.

John Wall made his claim for the best point guard in the Eastern Conference

Wall is often an afterthought in top point guard discussion behind Steph Curry, James Harden, Russell Westbrook, and so on, and even though he might not be on that level yet, he isn’t overwhelmingly behind. He has newfound supporters in his bid for the best point guard in the Eastern Conference.

Two 40-point showings stood out, and his three-point shot showed life besides in his final game of the season. He was the Wizards’ catalyst all season long.

He was this good in the regular season too

Wall averaged a career-best 23 points, 11 assists, and two steals in what was almost unquestionably his best season ever. He’s 26 years old, just entering his prime, and he is bringing the best out of the team’s up-and-comers like Otto Porter and Kelly Oubre, who surprisingly went without a second of play in Game 7.

He wasn’t given a new roster to mess around and throw up these monster stats with, Wall has grown into this superstar role. He nearly took a team of largely the same roster as a year ago to the Eastern Conference Finals.

He’ll likely hear the same slack James Harden was thrown after his miserable final showing in Game 6 of the RocketsSpurs series, but that’s nonsense. He rose another tier in fans’ minds through each spectacular showing on national TV.

He’s only going up from here.

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