Spurs fans went through every emotion in Game 5 vs. Rockets

*endless screaming*

Game 5 of Houston Rockets-San Antonio Spurs was something else. At some points, it seemed perhaps neither team wanted to win.

After a strange final sequence, the game went to OT. It was trying Coach Gregg Popovich, but even more trying for Spurs fans at AT&T Center.

There were tears.

When you’re getting roasted in the group chat.

There was stress.

When mom says dinner is ready but when you come downstairs she says “15 more minutes.”

There was bald stress.

When you told the hairdresser a 4 but she took it all the way down.

There was joy.

When mom made pizza rolls.

There was so much tension one fan had to watch through her fingers.

When you’re watching a horror film because bae wanted to but you really don’t like scary movies but you said they could pick this one.

There was what can only be described as EEEEEEEEEEEEEE

When the Spurs beat the Rockets in overtime.

Congratulations to the Spurs on their narrow win. Hopefully the win will give your fans some brief emotional relief.

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