Kevin Durant tells Jazz mascot to ‘get the f**k off the court’

Okay, KD!

On a night where Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson were cold from the floor, Kevin Durant was not. He took over late in the fourth quarter, pulling away from the Utah Jazz, but at some point during that takeover he got a little grouchy. And honestly, grouchy Kevin Durant is the best Kevin Durant.

If you need help reading lips, he tells the Jazz mascot to do the following.

He finished the night with 38 points and 13 rebounds and the Warriors now have a 3-0 lead on the Jazz. Carry on, KD.

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Open thread for night owls: Time for some hugs

It’s been a tough few months politically, and the past few weeks especially. So I think tonight we could all do with a hug or two. Here are some models to emulate:

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“I am only a mouthpiece through which to tell the story of lynching and I have told it so often that I know it by heart. I do not have to embellish; it makes its own way.”
                    ~Ida B. Wells, Conversation with Frederick Douglass, 1863



The EPA has forced out members of its Board of Scientific Counselors, which reviews the work of agency scientists.

— John Upton (@johnupton) May 6, 2017


At Daily Kos on this date in 2010—Nearly 40 Million Now on Food Stamps: 

The actual paper stamps were phased out more than a decade ago and replaced with a debit-card system, and the name of the 46-year-old program was changed 18 months ago to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). But most people still call them food stamps. And as of February, the latest data available, a record 39.7 million Americans were using them to put meals on the table, 13% of the population. Just a year ago, 33.8 million people were using food stamps.

Though not without its problems, the program remains one of the government’s greatest successes, a key remaining part of a shredded social safety net. Even with the soaring use of food stamps because of the recession, most recipients are not jobless but rather low-wage workers. Without that backstop, many more of them and their children would be going hungry in America. A peer-reviewed study in 2009 (“Estimating the Risk of Food Stamp Use and Impoverishment During Childhood”) calculated that 49% of children will receive food-stamp benefits sometime before they are 20 years old. […]


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