Kevin Durant beautifully embraced the villain role in Game 3 against Jazz

Game 3 Kevin Durant was so good.

It seems like we never really have a handle on Kevin Durant’s personality. Is he a nice guy? Is he a villain? It seems to change daily, especially after he left Oklahoma City for Golden State. But during Game 3, he was 100 percent a savage. A villain. The rudest guy on the basketball court. And it was glorious.

Durant took over late in the game when the Warriors needed it, finishing with 38 points and 13 rebounds. But during that fourth quarter, while it was clear he was absolutely the best player on the court, he went Villain Warrior on us.

He started trash talking some court side Jazz fans

He told the Jazz mascot to literally, “Get the f**k of the court.”

He got a Flagrant 1 foul for shoving Rudy Gobert.

And then stared him down. The fire in his eyes!

Then after Gobert missed the free throw from the foul, the trash talking continued.

He hit a dagger shot and followed it up with a shrug

So savage KD does exist. Russell Westbrook would be so proud in another lifetime. The Warriors will look to finish the sweep of the Jazz on Monday night.

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Le Pen Critics Warn French Before Vote: Ne Vous ‘Trumpez’ Pas

As the French head to the polls Sunday to pick uber conservative Marine Le Pen or centrist Emmanuel Macron as their president, Le Pen opponents are pleading with their compatriots not to repeat America’s election and choose a Donald Trump-like candidate.

The anti-Le Pen catchphrase making the rounds in the country is is “ne vous Trumpez pas,” which is a play on the French “ne vous trompez pas,” which means “make no mistake.”

Ads have appeared on the streets of France with the phrase showing a scary mashup of Donald Trump’s face with a Marine Le Pen hairdo. A video earlier this month not only made comparisons between Le Pen and Trump, but also underscored faulty assumptions in the U.S. that Trump would not win the election. The video, paid for by a “Jamais Marine” — “Never Marine” — campaign, contrasts comments by Barack Obama saying that he doesn’t believe Trump will win with French officials saying the same about Le Pen. A smirking Le Pen says in the video: “Never Brexit, never Donald Trump.” The ad ends “Allez” — go — “vote.”

Trump has expressed support for Le Pen, saying in an interview with The Associated Press in April that she’s the “strongest on borders and the strongest on what’s been going on in France.”

He also indicated in a tweet after a French police officer was killed in April in a terror attack that Le Pen would be the stronger candidate to fight terrorism, saying that “the people of France will not take much more of this. Will have a big effect on presidential election!” 

An eerie similarity between the French and American races is an email hack before the election that left the conservative candidate untouched. The Macron campaign revealed Friday that a “massive and coordinated” hack dumped campaign and party emails online.

Authorities have yet to find who is responsible, but the French election commission is investigating. French officials have warned the media not to share leaked information or details about the hack. France has a two-day media blackout on elections before a vote.

The world is watching to see if the French will signal another rightward turn in Europe in the wake of Britain’s Brexit vote. Le Pen has vowed to withdraw form the EU is she wins, though several polls have put Macron in the lead with voters by as much as 24 points.

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Kevin Durant reminded the NBA why the Warriors signed him last summer

Durant destroyed the Jazz in Game 3 on a night when Steph Curry and Klay Thompson were cold.

If you needed a reminder as to why an already stacked Warriors team went ahead and added a former NBA Most Valuable Player over the summer, look no further than Golden State’s 102-91 Game 3 win over the Utah Jazz on Saturday.

On a night where the Warriors’ back court went cold, Kevin Durant shouldered the load, scoring 38 points on 15-of-26 shooting from the field. The Jazz had no answer for Durant in the pick-and-roll, and he picked them apart, pulling up for a mid-range jump shot time and time again.

He singlehandedly pulverized a Utah team in desperate need of a win to prevent an almost inevitable series sweep in Game 4.

Stephen Curry scored 23 points, but shot 6-of-20 to get there. Klay Thompson had one of his worst shooting nights of his career, putting up only six points on one-of-nine shooting. Their combined woes made for a game that was closer than it needed to be from end-to-end.

It didn’t matter. Durant did exactly what the Warriors expected him to do when they inked him to a two-year, $54 million deal last summer. Golden State envisioned Durant, a player of unique size, skill and shooting ability, giving opposing defenses nightmares with his unrivaled capacity to score in a one-on-one situation.

He did just that against the Jazz, putting the exclamation point on the game with his final bucket: a crossover, fadeaway bank-shot on the three-point line over Gordon Hayward’s arms.

That’s why the Warriors just aren’t fair

This Golden State team rattled off 14 straight wins without Durant when he went down with an MCL sprain in March. They held their own without the star forward in their first-round series against Portland, when he sat two games with a left calf strain.

Durant’s only played eight games since returning from that sprain, but he looks back at MVP form already. That’s the scariest part. It doesn’t matter if Curry and Thompson have awful games. Durant will always be able to get his own bucket. His size and skill make for an impossible check for most teams.

That’s why most people were outraged at his decision to join the league’s best team last season. Durant’s already the league’s best scorer. And putting him next to a two-time MVP on a championship team running a system tailor-made to their strengths just isn’t fair.

Need more proof? Well, ask the Jazz.

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