Here are the best memes of Bradley Beal flopping for his life

Can you flop with all the colors of the wind?

Bradley Beal had the most amazing flop of the playoffs in Game 3 of Celtics-Wizards.

He looks like … so many things. The most obvious is a fish, yes, but with a little Photoshop magic, all things are possible.

Flop away from the brown bear, Brad! Flop upstream!

Nothing like a little skydiving to really get the adrenaline going.

Maybe he’s just waiting for the season to be over, so he can use this impeccable form on the Slip ‘N Slide. Those Washington, D.C. summers get hot and humid.

Name the popular children’s movie in which the heroine flings herself off a cliff into a perfectly executed swan dive. It’s Bealhontas.

Here is Beal practicing yoga, pushing upward into a cobra pose. We can only assume he will smoothly transition into downward facing dog shortly after.

Like Tony Romo trying for the U.S. Open, maybe Beal is trying for the Olympics in track & field.

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Want to take immediate revenge on House Republicans who voted to destroy health care? Here’s how

House Republicans have now passed their abomination of a bill that strips health coverage from millions of Americans, with 217 of them voting in favor of it. Here’s how we can punish them.

Of these 217 Republicans, more than two dozen sit in districts where Donald Trump won less than 50 percent of the vote. In other words, they’re already representing at-risk seats, and they just made themselves a whole lot more vulnerable. So how do we target these Republicans specifically?

It’s so early in the election cycle that we don’t yet know who every GOP incumbent’s Democratic opponent will be. In some cases, no challengers have emerged yet. In others, we can expect primaries. But at some point next year, we’ll have our candidates—and we already have a way to make sure they hit the ground well-funded, even if we don’t even know their names just yet.

The fantastic folks at ActBlue have created something called “nominee funds” that you can donate to immediately. These funds are organized on a district-by-district basis: You contribute now, and all money is held in escrow until after each state’s primary. At that point, the cash is transferred in one fell swoop to the Democratic nominee, who can then start using the money for his or her general election campaign pronto.

We’ve identified the following 24 “yes” votes as among the most endangered Republicans up for re-election next year, so we’re adding all of these districts to our new slate of nominee funds:



AZ-02 McSally, Martha IL-06 Roskam, Peter
CA-10 Denham, Jeff IL-13 Davis, Rodney
CA-21 Valadao, David IL-14 Hultgren, Randy
CA-25 Knight, Steve KS-03 Yoder, Kevin
CA-39 Royce, Ed MI-11 Trott, Dave
CA-45 Walters, Mimi MN-02 Lewis, Jason
CA-48 Rohrabacher, Dana MN-03 Paulsen, Erik
CA-49 Issa, Darrell NE-02 Bacon, Don
FL-25 Diaz-Balart, Mario NJ-11 Frelinghuysen, Rodney
FL-26 Curbelo, Carlos TX-07 Culberson, John
IA-01 Blum, Rod TX-32 Sessions, Pete
IA-03 Young, David VA-02 Taylor, Scott

A big surge in donations now would have huge salutary effects right away: It would both terrify Republicans and boost Democratic efforts to recruit good candidates. Of course, it would also help us defeat these Republicans next year. And as it happens, 24 is exactly the number of seats we need to take back the House.

So make them pay: Donate $1 right now to each of the Democratic nominee funds targeting vulnerable House Republicans who voted to destroy access to health care.

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Rogue group, use your harpoons and tow cables – go for the legs!

What’s not to love about this action-filled nano-scale diorama of the Battle of Hoth by Belgian builder GolPlaysWithLego. The AT-AT is built with almost no visible studs and a perfectly shaped body section, and a clever use of the signal paddle element for the head mounted blasters. Two T-47 Snowspeeders swing into action, just as Continue reading →

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