Acer Leap Ware enters the smartwatch market

Close up shot of young sportswoman looking at smartwatch. Fitness female monitoring her progress on smartwatch.

With the sudden increase in fitness smartwatches, primarily driven by Google’s Android Wear smartwatch software, the market has seen a big surge in wearables. And Acer Leap Ware is one of the newest watches to look at for your wrist. See Also: Qualcomm discusses the future of smartwatches – and they’re bullish Acer has played… Read more »

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ZHU Drops Incredible New Song “Intoxicate”

Just under two months ago ZHU made a bold statement after uploading a video that ended in the figurative deaths of some mainstream electronic artists such as The Chainsmokers, Marshmello and more. We were right in guessing that the video was teasing new music; the producer dropped his dark single “Nightcrawler” just a couple of days later. 

Following these mysterious music rollouts, ZHU announced a warehouse show in New York called The Blacklizt, taking place at a secret location on June 24 and 25. Today the artist continues to reveal a darker, more underground side to himself with the release of his single “Intoxicate,” a wonderfully sinister house track. 

An eerie, almost other worldly type of beat draws you in from the start of “Intoxicate.” From there, element after element of sound layers itself into the track, including a heavily edited vocal sample, pounding bassline and even some subtle guitar riffs. ZHU’s smooth vocals once again make an appearance, adding an alluring, sultry element to an otherwise dark track. An intense synth build towards the end ties this track together in an enticing way. Overall, “Intoxicate” does an excellent job at bringing sensual and ominous touches together into one powerful piece of music.

The release of this track accompanies another exciting announcement from ZHU – general on-sale for The Blacklizt event starts Friday May 4, with tickets available here. Listen to “Intoxicate” below and enjoy!

ZHU – Intoxicate | iTunes 

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Erik Karlsson leaves Game 4 injured after collisions with Rangers players

The Senators captain is in a world of hurt these days.

Ottawa Senators captain Erik Karlsson, already playing through a foot injury, endured more pain in Game 4 that kept him out of most of the third period.

Karlsson encountered two painful moments before the third. One was getting tangled with Rangers forward J.T. Miller along the boards.

CBC spliced that Miller play with footage of Karlsson in pain, but it’s also possible a collision with Rangers winger Chris Kreider ended his night early. Kreider fell while chasing Karlsson to a puck and took him out at the feet.

With the Rangers already up 3-0 before the third period, it’s possible the Senators were erring on the side of caution by keeping Karlsson out. But Karlsson played through two hairline fractures in his foot during Ottawa’s first-round series. Getting taken out low can’t possibly feel good, and nor could any hard board battle.

The Rangers will tie the series with a win in Game 4, so Ottawa will need their star captain to stave off a comeback. It’s just even more doubtful he’ll be at 100 percent.

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New Star Citizen Video Shows Mark Hamill’s Character

Star Citizen‘s single-player mode, Squadron 42, has some seriously impressive talent signed on. One of the big-name actors in the game is Luke Skywalker actor and The Joker voice actor Mark Hamill.

To celebrate Star Wars Day today, Cloud Imperium Games released new footage of Hamill performing as his character, Lt. Commander Steve “Old Man” Colton. The footage begins at around 23:40 in the video below (via DualShockers).

This is not the first time we’ve seen Hamill in Star Citizen, as a gameplay video from 2015 showed off his character in action–you can watch that here.

Hamill and Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts worked together in the past for 1999’s Wing Commander, based on the game of the same name that Roberts created.

Hamill is joined in Squadron 42 by other A-list actors like Gary Oldman (The Dark Knight), Andy Serkis (The Lord of the Rings), Gillian Anderson (The X-Files), Ben Mendelsohn (Bloodline), and Mark Strong (Kingsman), among others.

Star Citizen is the most successful crowdfunded game in history, pulling in more than $148.5 million by the developer’s latest count.

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