Isaiah Thomas added himself to the annals of Boston legends

Thomas turned in a legendary game for the Celtics by carrying them to an incredible playoff victory.

Isaiah Thomas dropped 53 points during a playoff game in The Garden. He’s not a Boston Celtics point guard anymore; he’s a legend now.

In his 53, the most points scored in the playoffs since 2003, he scored 20 points in the fourth quarter alone as Boston soared back to force overtime. In the extra period, he dropped nine more. With each shot he hit, it felt increasingly like we were watching something truly special. When he did all that and carried the team to a 129-119 win to go up 2-0 in a second-round playoff series, it immortalized this moment.

And as if it didn’t already feel like a perfect moment, you can consider this, too.

Boston will never forget what Isaiah did on Tuesday. Forget hyperbole; there’s no hyperbole when a 5’9 star point guard experiences family tragedy, literally loses a tooth a game prior, fights through a first-round two-game deficit, and then records the fourth 50-point postseason performance in Celtics history since 1964.

There’s no way Thomas’ exploits won’t be talked about in a decade, or in 50 years. Not in Boston, a city that values its successful history more than any sports city out there. Not when you record a performance that defies everything you should ever expect from someone drafted with the final pick in the draft six years ago, who was cast off from two teams, only to end up in a place that finally showed they wanted him.

Thomas won the game for Boston. They watched him take over a fourth quarter, dueling John Wall (40 points, 13 assists) to a standstill and then blowing past him with a flawless extra period. It stopped being a question of whether Thomas could carry them; no, Thomas brought them back, and once the Washington Wizards missed a potentially game-winning shot, Thomas might as well have marked the box score final right then and there. He was winning the game for the Celtics, and Washington couldn’t dream of stopping him.

If the Celtics don’t manage to win this series or something, maybe Thomas’ showing would be lessened. But this man dropped 53 points in the playoffs on what would have been his sister’s 23rd birthday. It doesn’t seem possible to forget this performance for a long, long time.

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Isaiah Thomas wipes away Wizards with another late-game masterpiece

Isaiah Thomas was just brilliant in Game 2 with 53 points, including 29 in the fourth quarter and overtime.

Game 2 of the WizardsCeltics series gave us one of the best games of the playoffs so far. A dueling match between Isaiah Thomas and John Wall led the way for most of the game, but it was Thomas who stole the spotlight late, scoring 53 points and willing the Celtics to a 129-119 overtime win.

Thomas scored 29 points combined in the fourth quarter and overtime, proving he really is King of the Fourth. His 53 points for the game were the most in a playoff game since 2003.

His 50th point came late in overtime as he put the Wizards away for good. It’s fitting that it was a shot as tough as it was. Perfectly Isaiah Thomas.

Thomas started his takeover in the fourth quarter, leading a Celtics comeback, including this nasty move on Markieff Morris. He scored 20 points in the fourth quarter alone.

We’ve always known how tough and good Thomas was, but Tuesday night put him on a new level. Knowing he did this on what would have been his late sister’s 23rd birthday makes it even more special and impressive.

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Funeral for fallen State Trooper will affect Friday traffic

The Delaware State Police (DSP) and Delaware Department of Transportation  advised motorists to expect travel delays throughout the morning and early afternoon hours of Friday, May 5, due to the funeral services for Corporal Grade 1 Stephen J. Ballard. Ballad was fatally shot last week while on duty. The northbound lanes of I-95 between the […]

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Open thread for night owls: Spicer’s new friends flash white nationalist symbols, berate reporters

The Trump administration’s move to elevate “alt-right” provocateurs into the press corps via executive fiat is having the predictable results.

Cernovich received a White House press pass last week, and he attended the briefing Friday and made a hand sign associated with white nationalists from the podium. Other “alt-right” media figures, including Rebel Media’s Lauren Southern and Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft and Lucian Wintrich, have also visited the press room during the Trump administration.

Cernovich returned to the White House for today’s press briefing. After press secretary Sean Spicer concluded taking questions from reporters, Cernovich shouted out, “What about violence against Trump supporters at Berkeley?” Ignored by Spicer, Cernovich began yelling at members of the White House press corps, repeatedly demanding to know why they purportedly refused to cover the story. At one point a member of the press corps asked him if he was a reporter; he responded that he was.

Once reporters stopped responding to his diatribe, Cernovich left the room.

The administration’s new, broader interpretation of “journalist” was a transparent effort to install friendly faces in Sean Spicer’s daily briefings. If that results in those supporters flashing white nationalist signs from behind the White House podium or berating the assembled White House correspondents while Spicer looks on, that just comes with the new territory.

An Activists’ Calendar of Resistance Events
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Well said, Jimmy. That’s exactly why we fought so hard for the ACA, and why we need to protect it for kids like Billy. And congratulations!

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) May 2, 2017


At Daily Kos on this date in 2010—It’s Worse Than You Think:

A month may seem like plenty of time to stop the flow, but so far there has been little progress at arresting the spill and BP has appealed to both competitors and the military for new ideas. While there are numerous meetings going on, several ideas have been tossed around, and some actions are underway that may retard the flow there is presently no coherent plan for arresting the spill from the sunken wellhead. Real action to address the problem may take far longer than a month.

But that’s not the worst of it. With the estimated rate of spillage having now been adjusted upwards, it’s clear that over the last two days the 5k rate is not enough to explain the rapid expansion of the spreading oil slick. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that we don’t have a month before we reach Valdez levels of disaster.

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show: With special emphasis on the Jackson/Civil War whopper, we review Trump’s Day of Derp, scan the contents of the latest spending deal, note Jared Kushner’s latest disclosure oopsie, and check in on the political & procedural status of zombie Trumpcare 3.1.

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