40-year-old Vince Carter is dunking in the playoffs

Vince forever!

Vince Carter never ages. Vince Carter is the best. Vince Carter never leave us. In Game 3 against the Spurs he threw this down.

He had one in the first game of the series too.

We talked to Carter earlier this season about how he’s been able to keep his body in this good of shape for so long.

That said, Vince has been doing some pretty crazy things at 40-years-old this season.

Half Man, Half Amazing is right.

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PS4 And Xbox One Get Free Trial For RPG Portal Knights

Curious about the action-RPG Portal Knights? A free trial version of the game is out now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in US and EMEA regions, letting you get a taste of the game before its release.

The trial contains the game’s first location, Squire’s Knoll, with support for single-player and multiplayer with offline co-op via two-player split-screen At the start, you can choose your character class and customize your avatar before going to battle. The trial also lets you sample the game’s crafting system; you find resources and can use them to make equipment and armor.

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All progress from the Portal Knights free trial will carry forward to the full game when it comes out.

Portal Knights launches on May 23 in the US for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while the game will leave Early Access on Steam at that time. People in EMEA regions can play beginning on May 19.

You can download the console demo right now using the links below.

The game is published by Payday 2 and Sniper Elite 3 company 505 Games and developer by Keen Games. For on the title, check out GameSpot’s previous coverage.

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Bucks annihilated the Raptors in Game 3 and it showed a glimpse of their future

The changing of the guard in the Eastern Conference might not be far off.

The Milwaukee Bucks stole Game 1, and they nearly did the same in Game 2. They’ll live with the small consolation prize that is Game 3. It was a thorough, brutal beatdown of the Toronto Raptors as the series shifted back to Wisconsin, starting the moment the game began and never letting up for a second.

The 104-77 win puts Milwaukee up two games to one, with another game at home coming up. It’s too soon to count out Toronto, because we’ve seen them power through ugly series and inexplicably win them. But right now, it looks like the Raptors are headed for a couple more games, and then a quick extinction. They could easily be down 3-0, and they would need a lot going right to get the turnaround they desire.

We’ll have a long talk about Toronto if they do indeed lose. Right now, this is about Milwaukee, and how the Bucks have maybe come together to play incredible basketball.

Look, this game was over after a quarter. You can see the actual score after 12 minutes — Bucks 32, Raptors 12 — and if you didn’t watch the game, you might think Toronto was just missing shots and Milwaukee had everything going. No, trust me, if you watched that first quarter, you knew that game was over right in that moment. Indeed, Toronto never even managed the facsimile of a run to get back into the game, losing the second quarter by seven points and the third by five more.

It helps that Milwaukee has the best player on the floor: Giannis Antetokounmpo finished with 19 points, eight rebounds, four assists, two steals, two blocks, and 7-of-10 shooting, while notching a team-best plus-29. But Antetokounmpo obviously isn’t being asked to carry an enormous load — his teammates are swarming all around him, with Khris Middleton popping off for 20 points in the starting five while Greg Monroe dropped 16 off the bench.

Milwaukee didn’t have this defense during the regular season, not for three games like we’ve seen in this series. Much of that is the Thon Maker effect, as the rookie is rapidly learning just how debilitating his massive arm length and craft foot speed are to an opposing offense. Add in another couple dozen feet worth of wingspan from the rest of the starting five, and if they’re playing fundamentally sound basketball, it’s just so hard to score.

Like, they’ll even block your shot with their elbows. Who does that?

The Bucks have made a clear statement that they should be feared. Even if they somehow seize up and fall apart in a series loss, something nobody is predicting at this point, consider how damn young they are. We see teams rise and fall out of the Eastern Conference constantly — remember how the Knicks were good for a season, and only that? Remember the Indiana dynasties that fell obsolete so, so quickly? Now, Milwaukee might be doing the same thing to Toronto, who has run in the top of the East for a few seasons now. The Bucks, unlike any of those teams mentioned before, are built to last long into the future.

They have Antetokounmpo, who is 22 years old. They have the emerging Maker, who looks like another score for them. All around them are more young faces, and while this team isn’t near their final form, they have time to develop into that. Antetokounmpo, especially, has no ceiling on how high he can soar. Will he be the league’s best player in five years? There’s honestly a good chance.

But the Bucks don’t need to worry about the future, because right now, they’re here in the present and beating up a team that some called a dark horse finals squad. So far, so good.

Please fear the deer. What started as a catchy slogan has now become a public service announcement. After watching the fate that befell Toronto on Thursday, we really just don’t want to see anyone else get hurt.

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Open thread for night owls: As Trump slashes science budget, already-approved grants are put on hold

The Trump administration’s move to end many forms of government-backed scientific research apparently includes freezing money for research projects that were already approved.

After proposing to eliminate the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) in its draft budget, the Trump administration, through the Department of Energy, has started withholding money for grants already approved by the agency, Politico reported Thursday, citing two unidentified sources.

The hold on the money for the grants began last week, Politico reported. During his run for the White House, President Donald Trump promised to target federal funding for agencies, like ARPA-E, that promote clean energy technologies.

Trump’s “America First: A Blueprint to Make America Great Again,” released March 16, eliminates all funding for ARPA-E and and a similar agency for vehicle technology “because the private sector is better positioned to finance disruptive energy research and development and to commercialize innovative technologies.”

Despite the claim, ARPA-E grants are generally directed towards early research efforts whose potential corporate returns might not be immediately clear; the public sector may, and does, later use those results as stepping-stones for potential commercialization of the new technologies developed.

An Activists’ Calendar of Resistance Events
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guys if you know what is going on with jason chaffetz please DM me! I’m not a journalist i just love gossip and hate jason chaffetz

— dana bill (@danacbell) April 20, 2017


At Daily Kos on this date in 2009—Pragmatism on Torture Another ‘Sorry Kind of Wisdom’:

It’s still unclear exactly how much the offices of the previous President and Vice President participated in the drafting of the four recently released memos on torture and the nine previously released memos that were crafted as guidelines on how the executive branch could evade the law. The level of their participation would certainly have been useful information to obtain. It would have been helpful to a potential prosecutor to know whether those who ultimately ordered torture against suspected terrorists were also engaged in devising definitions stating that the torture they would be ordering wasn’t actually torture. If they were, and there is every good reason to believe so, it’s not unlike having John Gotti walk free after helping to draft guidelines for laws on racketeering.

We have been led to believe by many who have engaged this debate over the past three months that President Obama was playing 3D chess while the rest of us played checkers. There was a process going on, we were told, and it would take time, but eventually, after the economic mess and the health care crisis and other matters of importance were dealt with, those who ordered torture would be brought to account. We should, we were told, chill out because Obama has “frakkin’ got this.”  

Now we know that justice for those who ordered torture will consist of sipping chilled piña coladas, commanding stratospheric lecture fees and drawing big advances for their memoirs.

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show, Greg Dworkin notes scientists are marching & Chaffetz is walking. Journos banging into walls trying to deal with Trump. Is China a bigger scandal than Russia? WTF with Carter Page? That BS about Susan Rice? WH directed cover for Trump’s moronic tweets!

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