WrestleMania 33 results: Brock Lesnar finally beats Goldberg, wins Universal Championship

The Beast finally got one over on Goldberg.

Goldberg has gotten the better of Brock Lesnar every time they’ve faced each other, but the Beast got a win when it counted. He finally defeated Goldberg at WrestleMania 33, winning the WWE Universal Championship in the process.

Goldberg won the Universal Championship after destroying Kevin Owens at Fastlane, defending the title against Lesnar at WrestleMania. He already embarrassed Lesnar at Survivor Series and the Royal Rumble, but Brock wasn’t playing around this time.

Lesnar came right out of the gate with a pair of suplexes, which Goldberg countered with a spear. Goldberg also speared Lesnar through the barricade on the outside, and got him back in the ring for a Jackhammer. However, Lesnar kicked out, and Goldberg had nothing left in the tank.

The Beast Incarnate rallied back with over 10 suplexes, weakening Goldberg every single time. After many trips to Suplex City, Lesnar lifted up Goldberg for an F5 and put him away. Three seconds later, Lesnar was the new Universal champion. The entire match lasted less than five minutes.

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Lexi Thompson loses ANA Inspiration playoff after viewer tip costs her 4 shots

‘It just doesn’t feel like the right winner has been crowned here,’ says Golf Channel’s Mike Tirico after Lexi Thompson incurs late 4-shot penalty thanks to the eagle eyes of a TV viewer.

Lexi Thompson gave it her all, but the hard-luck loser of the ANA Inspiration could not overcome a four-stroke penalty she incurred on Saturday that she only learned about midway through Sunday’s finale.

When So Yeon Ryu’s birdie putt on No. 18 dropped, the first hole of a sudden-death playoff, it ended Thompson’s chance for a second victory on the Dinah Shore Tournament Course and marked one of the strangest finishes to a major championship.

Thompson was cruising toward her second ANA win in four years when her victory train hit a major speed bump in the form of a TV viewer who alerted officials to a penalty Thompson incurred a day earlier. Video confirmed that in the third round on Saturday, Thompson had marked her ball and then replaced it in an incorrect spot before tapping in a one-footer on the 17th green.

Thompson, as well as most of the golf world, was in complete disbelief that officials penalized her two strokes for the improper ball placement and two more for signing an incorrect scorecard. The good news in this debacle: had Lexi made the error prior to a Jan. 2016 rules change, she would have been disqualified for signing for the wrong score.

So Rule 6-6d actually kept her in the tournament, but that did nothing to mute the outrage expressed on social media and by Golf Channel broadcasters Mike Tirico and Judy Rankin, not by how the LPGA handled things, but that yet another armchair referee was allowed to interfere with play.

“It just doesn’t feel like the right winner has been crowned here,” Tirico said afterward.

On Sunday, Thompson had a two-shot edge, at 16-under, and was walking off the 12th green when a tourney official told her she was suddenly two behind in the first major of the season.

Twitter went absolutely wild, with Tiger Woods leading the charge against couch potatoes having the power to determine the outcomes of golf tournaments.

Thompson was incredulous and understandably emotional.

“Is this a joke?” she asked, perhaps hoping that what she had heard was a late April Fools’ prank. “That’s just ridiculous.”

Unfortunately, it was not a gag but one of the idiocies that far too often plague televised golf and no other professional sport — a TV viewer dropping a dime on a player and actually being taken seriously.

Thompson played the next several shots through tears but made two clutch birdies on Nos. 13 and 15 to take the lead again briefly. But it was not to be — Ryu surged to a final-round 4-under 68, a 14-under for the week, and a share of first place with an incredibly resilient Thompson, who won a legion of fans during and after her emotional and hard-fought round.

“Lexi Thompson trying to deal with an almost unprecedented moment in major championship golf,” Tirico intoned while Thompson played on. “You find out you have four more strokes than you thought, with six holes left in a major championship, fall behind, birdie to tie, birdie to take the lead by one with three to go.”

As she made her way up the 18th fairway in regulation and then to the green after a hugely clutch approach shot to give her a chance for an eagle putt and the win, Thompson was greeted by chants of “Lexi! Lexi!”

But the putt came up just short and it was on to the playoff.

After it was over, both players showed nothing but class.

“It’s great to have the fan base that I do and they got me through the whole round,” an emotional Thompson said. “It’s unfortunate what happened. I did not mean that at all, I didn’t realize I did that.”

Ryu told Golf Channel her victory did not feel quite right.

“I just cannot believe the situation. It’s a very unfortunate situation,” she said. “It’s kind of a weird (feeling).”

Ryu was under no illusion as to the sentiments of the pro-Thompson crowd.

“To be honest, this is America, Lexi’s American,” she said, “so definitely a lot of the crowd was rooting for Lexi.”

For sure, the unfortunate incident marred what should have been a celebratory moment for Ryu, who took the traditional winner’s plunge into Poppie’s Pond while Thompson was left to rue what might have been.

“I wasn’t expecting what happened today, but it is what it is,” Thompson said before collapsing into the arms of her mother in the scoring trailer. “It happens, and I’ll learn from it and hopefully do better.”

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WrestleMania 33: Randy Orton defeats Bray Wyatt to capture the WWE Championship

The Viper is now WWE Champion!

Bray Wyatt finally got his hands on Randy Orton at WrestleMania, but it didn’t turn out the way he intended. This match was for the WWE Championship, but the title was far from the focus.

The match was a standard one-on-one but it didn’t play out that way. Whenever Orton was down on the mat, Wyatt would lean on the turnbuckle as the ring became illuminated with images of worms and maggots.

Wyatt dominated most of the match but the creepy imagery was his undoing. After roaches were projected onto the ring, Orton got up and hit an RKO for the pin.

Initially, Wyatt and Orton feuded in the fall. When Orton couldn’t get the upper hand on Wyatt and his followers, he joined them. Together, they all became the dominant force on the Smackdown brand.

Their success eventually became their undoing as Orton won the 2017 Royal Rumble, which guaranteed him an opportunity to face the WWE Champion at WrestleMania. A.J Styles was champion then, but soon lost the title to Bray Wyatt in February’s Elimination Chamber.

Even though the two were obligated to face each other in the main event, Orton refused since Wyatt was now his leader. Of course, this was all a ploy to betray Wyatt and get into his insecurities. Orton burned down his compound where the woman Wyatt worships was buried. It is as absurd as you think.

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Peter Molyneux’s Next Game Is “Very Different”

Peter Molyneux has teased that his next game is going to be “very different” than what he’s made in the past. Speaking to Glixel, Molyneux spoke briefly about this game, called Legacy, and discussed how he’s started coding again, which he says feels empowering because results can come past.

“I’ve been working on this game called Legacy, and I can–rather like the first game I really did, which was called Populous–just try an idea and see if it works,” he said. “I was in the hotel this morning, I was having breakfast, I was coding Legacy, and I had an idea. Within an hour, I was actually playing with the thing.”

Artwork from 22Cans' newest game, The Trail
Artwork from 22Cans’ newest game, The Trail

Asked if he could say anything more about Legacy, Molyneux–who is known for hyping his games–said, “I think it would be a mistake to talk about it.”

He added: “The only thing I think is wise to tell you is that it’s very different. One of the things I am proud of is the number of different genres that I’ve attempted. At the moment, it’s hard to peg what genre Legacy falls into.”

Asked if Legacy is a mobile game, Molyneux suggested that nothing has been decided yet, though he did say the game is running on PC right now.

“More and more, I think it’s better to be platform agnostic at the start,” Molyneux said. “The first problem is to get the feel of it right. You do have to worry about the interface. You have to worry about the input method. At the moment, I’m focusing on the mouse, purely because it’s the easiest for me.”

The full interview is incredibly fascinating and touches on a number of other subjects; read it here.

Molyneux, an industry veteran known for franchises like Populous, Black & White, Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper, and Fable, left Microsoft in 2012. He now heads up the independent studio 22Cans, which has released two games so far: Godus and The Trail.

As for Microsoft’s Fable series, its future seems to be in question. The newest entry, Fable Legends, was canceled, while developer Lionhead Studios is closed.

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